Explanation of Phase 3 Meal Plans- READ FIRST

Phase 3 will be dedicated to breaking through the plateaus. Often as we lose the weight and get closer to our goals (or if we’ve been doing the same type of plan for too long) but then we hit a wall/plateau. This meal plan will mostly change up your macros (protein, carb and fat split) to shake things up in your body. Focusing on lower calorie and low carb mixed with higher calorie and higher carb. You are welcome to go back to any previous week instead, as all the plans are designed to improve your health and lose fat.

*Please note that there are 3 days in the plan that have higher carbs (and are noted in the plans as days 3, 6 and 7). For diabetics I put some notations on how to reduce the carb intake but you'll want to watch your levels and adjust for your body or go back to a previous phase which is consistently lower in carbs. 

  • By admin
  • 5/29/2014



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